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About Us

Container Printing Supplies

Container Printing Supplies Inc. personnel have a combined 50 years’ experience in the print industry. Since 1991, Container Printing Supplies Inc. ® has supplied printing products for dry-offset printers Through the years we have expanded our product line to become a one stop source for printing lids, pails, cups, tubes, and closures. Our wide variety of products can be used on Kase, Polytype, moss, mosso, apex, Van Dam, or any other dry-offset printer.

Superior Quality

From working closely with our customers, our research team has been able to develop products for specific printing applications. The result is the introduction of some of the longest-lasting compounds available to solve many of our customers’ problems. And our research is ongoing. We are continually trying to improve our products with the goal to attain the optimum compound for every application.
The quality of our blankets is ensured by the close tolerance specifications we maintain during our manufacturing process. The final products are printing blankets with uniform thicknesses and durometers. Our strict standards and procedures help minimize customer set-up and changeover times, while resulting in finished packages with high-quality market appeal.


At CPS, we manufacture and stock a wide variety of printing supplies.

  • A full range of blankets of various durometers from 30 (soft) through 80 (hard)
  • Constructions ranging from high-stretch natural compounds, to little – or no-stretch, fabric-backed products
  • Blankets that incorporate a medium-hard face to a very-hard face, with an underlayer of a softer compound for cushioning


To save time and headaches for our customers, we provide:

  • Custom cutting to your size specifications
  • Lamination of adhesive backing, so our blankets are “press ready” when you receive them
  • On-time delivery, from same-day to scheduled just-in-time shipment
  • Custom or standard ink color matching to meet your applications


Our cost-efficient manufacturing operation enables us to offer products at very competitive prices, saving you money. What’s more, the longevity of our compounds means longer runs per blanket so fewer blankets are needed.