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Other Products

Wash Carts

A mobile wash station used to clean rollers and properly store them when not in use. Custom designed to the size of your rollers.

Lint-Free Rags

Make sure you are cleaning your printing blankets, rollers, ink trays, printing plates, etc. with lint-free rags. Available for purchase and sold by the pound.

Dyne Pens and Liquids

For efficiently verifying the dyne level of a treated substrate. The dyne test mark will result in a continuous and homogenous colored line if the material is properly treated. Read More…

Off-Line Mandrel Indicating Device

An indexer operated as a stand-alone unit that is used to indicate the mandrels and check for run out. Used prior to mandrel change-over, making production more efficient.

Starter Tapes

Used on the leading edge of the printing blanket to absorb impact and prevent the blanket from deteriorating. Available in different sizes.

Training Program

We offer a special training program providing printing tips and details specific to your machine. Includes color registration, what to request from the plate maker and how, and helpful hints for more efficient use of the machinery.

Plate making Equipment

UV posing and plate washing systems all necessary equipment to make your own plates.

UV Bulbs and Offline Drying Systems

High efficiency and long lasting UV bulbs according to your UV system.

Plate Punching Units

Available in various styles.

UV Test Strips

Used to test the integrity of your bulb and will advise when it is time for a replacement.